behind the ivy

Gated communities, fenced in yard; a new Mercedes gets his dick hard

We’re the Princeton elite

We care about poverty.  We hire the poor.  Look there’s my Latino gardener outside the door

We dont know his name, of course we wouldn’t let him inside.  You heard that we’re racist?  Well those people lied

We organize galas for the pitiful poor.  They’re pathetic creatures but we try to do more.  We dig deep in our closets, we donate old socks. They aren’t really humans, they’re a virus, a pox

But they care for our children and they clean up our mess; we hate all these immigrants but they do work for less

How much more gratitude they should show to us, but they’re poor and uneducated so we never fuss

We have a black friend, perhaps you have met?  One is invited to every fête

We’re the Princeton elite and life is a ball. Wealthy and white, we have it all.  7,000 square feet, tasteful and chic.  House tour of 2017?  Why of course we allowed the commoners to come take a peek.

She tells me she cries.  Plastic bags and some whales.  But she rides that dick for more Gucci; her sadness pales

7 thoughts on “behind the ivy

  1. Good stuff.i luve in d.c. metro area .same thing goes on down here.horrible how money makes people think and act.i mean im comfortable.but no single one man is worth millions.u just dont need that much to live right.but it is what it is maybe someday people will wake up

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